Live An Elevated Retirement

If you can envision the life you want in retirement, we can help you create a retirement plan that gets you there.

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Stressed About Retirement?

Retirement is one of the top 10 most stressful moments in someone’s life. Why? It is likely because of all the unknowns and changes in the transition. When fear is at the forefront of our minds, people tend to want to avoid the topic altogether.

This is why Elevation Capital Strategies created a simple process to elevate your retirement. If you can envision the life you want in retirement, we can help you get there. Schedule a free call today to see how good your retirement can be.

A Message From The Founder

Living an elevated retirement is more than having a comfortable retirement. It is ensuring you and your family have a strong financial plan throughout retirement and beyond. A strong financial plan includes: 

  • RA plan that addresses income, taxes, Social Security, and estate planning
  • RA clear understanding your finances and future
  • RA team that will support you and your plan along the way

If you want an elevated retirement plan, then we invite you to schedule a free 30 min call with one of our advisors who will take the time to understand what you want in retirement. At the end of the call, we will be able to determine what the next steps look like.

The time is now to plan for the retirement you want. What will your legacy be?


Founder and CEO

Let us walk through how to

Elevate Your Retirement

A three-step process that can give you a custom retirement plan and the confidence to enjoy the lifestyle you want

Identify Your Expectations

Your retirement experience is as authentic as you. Our job is to build a customized retirement plan that helps you live your retirement while meeting those expectations.

Create Your Blueprint

Address income, investments, tax minimization, Social Security, estate planning, and more in one custom-built plan for you. See your entire retirement with great clarity so you can proceed with confidence. 

Polish Your Plan

As time passes, your needs and wants will change. On a continual basis, your plan is reviewed and polished up so it can help support you and your wishes all the way through retirement.

How can you know if you are ready for retirement?

The biggest question you will probably face in your late 50’s or early 60’s is “do I have enough to retire?” Chances are you’ve done your best contributing to your 401k or other savings accounts. All the while, you’ve been also saving a list of things you want to do when you retire.

What do you need to take the leap? For many, it is a clear understanding of how they can provide for themselves when their paycheck stops. If this feels scary, you are not alone…

Al and Diane (names changed) were in a similar situation. Al was 67 and Diane was 62. Al retired at 65 but no matter what he did, Diane would not give up her paycheck. There were just too many questions and unknowns that needed to be addressed, she explained.

“I don’t want to give up eating at our favorite restaurants, or traveling a few times a year. We have a great life, why do you want to change any of it”, she exclaimed.

“You still have a boss!” Al responds. “You are limited to your vacations and we can only eat out during dinner time. We have enough to retire. Let’s enjoy the time we have while we are still healthy.”

“I’m just not ready”, Diane would repeat every time this conversation would come up.

Can you relate to how Diane feels? You’re not alone.

One day, Al and Diane took us up on our offer to elevate their retirement. After one visit, we were able to gather all the information needed to create their retirement blueprint.

Reluctant to come to the second visit, Diane showed with a cloud of doubt that we could calm her fears. As we reviewed their retirement blueprint and answered their questions, you could feel the anxiety disappear.

Their finances and life were now mapped out and organized. For the first time, Diane could see clearly how she could retire today and maintain her lifestyle.

We continue to meet with them on a continual basis and polish their plan so they can focus on what they feel matters most. Though every situation is different, the same pattern seems to continue.

Anxiety and fear of retirement take over until you create a plan that works for you.

We invite you to schedule a 30 min call, identify your retirement expectations, and let us create your blueprint. It doesn’t cost you a dime, but it could help you retire with more income than expected and years before you thought you could retire. Are you ready to Elevate Your Retirement?

Minimize taxes now – Download your copy of the 2021 Elevated Tax Minimization Guide today

Deciding to retire is scary enough, but doing so without a plan may result in taxation pitfalls that could have been avoided. 

The good news is, you may be able to have more control over taxes in retirement than any other time in your life.

That is why I wrote our “2021 Tax Guide”– to help you effectively prepare for taxes in retirement.  

  • New tax changes to be aware of (Pg 2)
  • How to get more assets in tax-free accounts (Pg 3)
  • The importance of having diverse accounts (Pg 7)
  • And more!