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Retirement is synonymous with income

Success in retirement is all about the protection and growth of one’s assets and creating a rock-solid income plan. If you want to survive in retirement, you need a plan like The Navigator Plan, which focuses on income and management of investment risk.

The Retirement Blueprint

We know that preparing for retirement can be a balancing act.  There is a lot to coordinate and consider and we believe that Financial Planning is the first step.  Our process in called the Retirement Blueprint and includes:

  • A reliable income plan for retirement
  • An investment plan that will help your savings grow, but will also keep a watchful eye to maximize returns with provisions that offers some level of protection in times like these.
  • Tax Strategy:  Structuring your investment and income plan so that the least possible taxation occurs
  • Social Security Strategies:  calculate maximum Social Security benefits for you and your spouse and work into the overall income and investment plan
  • Estate Planning:  decisions on passing the family farm inheritance will have implications not only to you and your spouse, but to your children as well.

Living confidently in retirement does not just happen.  When all the pieces come together – the reward is especially sweet.

*Estate plan review is conducted by a licensed estate attorney and works independent of Elevation Capital Strategies.

Strategies for Financial Independence

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We are an independent financial services firm helping individuals create retirement strategies using a variety of investment and insurance products to custom suit their needs and objectives.

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