Elevate Your Retirement

Our Three-Step Process

What does retirement look like to you?


Chances are, what you want is different than what someone else wants in retirement. If so, why go with a cookie-cutter diversification investment plan that leaves you out to dry? Retirement is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

The Elevate Your Retirement process was made to make retirement planning simple while covering the technical areas that can frustrate so many. It is a refined system to help avoid missing any steps or taking any shortcuts. When working with you, our first goal is to listen, analyze and understand your specific financial needs both now and for the future.

Consider the following steps below. If this is something you want, click Schedule A Call and let us know what you want in retirement. We look forward to the opportunity to visit with you and help you elevate your retirement.

Step 1

Identify Your Expectations

Your retirement experience is as authentic as you. You have your own wants and needs. What keeps you up at night may be different than someone else. All of these factors play a significant role in planning your retirement.

To be your effective retirement planner, we will want to spend time with you understanding what you want in retirement. We want you to set the expectations up front. Our job is to build you a customized retirement plan that helps you live the retirement you want.

Step 2

Create Your Blueprint

The number one question in retirement is: “will my retirement funds cover my income need?”. If your income is planned, everything else seems to fall into place. That is why deciding how much income you need is the starting point when creating your retirement plan. Once this is established, you can then apply strategies to minimize taxes or maximize legacy for any excess assets that are leftover. This is a blueprint, not a final plan.

When building your retirement blueprint, consider the following to guide you in your journey to elevate your retirement:

Elevated Planning – When your retirement plan brings together and optimizes all income streams to increase your income while lowering your taxes. Often someone will delay retirement because they don’t know how to bridge the income gap between now and when they want to file for Social Security. Don’t let these unknowns cause you to delay.

Elevated Income – Understanding when and how to pull income from your assets. First, maximize your Social Security, pension, and other income streams. Second, diversify your assets so you can always pull income from accounts that have not lost money. When you draw income from accounts that are down, you are accentuating the damages to your portfolio. Give yourself the ability to draw elsewhere while accounts recover. 

Elevated Diversification – Diversify by risk, tax burden, asset class, and purpose. For most pre-retirees, all they know is how to diversify by risk to grow their assets. When you retire, the diversification strategies must change.

The big takeaway here is to address the following in your blueprint:

  • Reliable income
  • Investment plan/strateigies
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Social Security optimization
  • Estate planning

A retirement plan includes multiple aspects of planning, not just investments. Once you complete the retirement blueprint, you should have a clear understanding of how your retirement will proceed and what to expect. 

Step 3

Polish Your Plan

Every plan, no matter how prepared, still requires adjustments as time passes, and that’s OK. As your needs change, so does your plan. As your investments grow, how you want to pass your estate may change. All these adjustments are intended to keep in line with your wants and wishes. 

On a continual basis, we review your plan and recommend adjustments to keep your retirement plan polished.

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