Medicare News

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Earlier this year, Congress passed a last-minute budget deal that included provisions affecting Medicare benefits. Specifically, one provision will permit certain therapies to continue beyond the previous caps, subject to conditions. All therapy (physical, speech and occupational) must continue to be classified as "reasonable and necessary to treat the individual's illness or injury." 1  There [...]

Consider Having a Backup Plan

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When looking ahead in anticipation of Social Security benefits, many people expect to wait until an average age of 66 to make a claim.1 However, Nationwide Retirement Institute's fifth annual Social Security survey found many retirees start drawing Social Security at the earliest possible age of 622 -- frequently the result of being laid off or [...]

Technology Pros and Cons

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Not all innovations are initially successful. Think about the driverless car. It sounded like a great idea -- helping the disabled and elderly retain some independence -- until the first pedestrian fatality involving a driverless car occurred in Arizona this year.1Driverless technology may be a work in progress, but it may still have advantages. After [...]

Notes on U.S. Infrastructure

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The American Society of Civil Engineers has given the U.S. an overall infrastructure grade of D+. Throughout the next decade, it will take more than $4.5 trillion to fix our aging infrastructure -- including upgrades to roads, mass transit, wastewater treatment plants and the electrical grid.1We've reached the mission-critical stage. One industry analyst observed, "We're [...]

Demographic Differences

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Consider these questions for a moment: Have your outlook and attitude toward politics and culture changed over the years? Or are you the same as always? If you were a conservative young adult, do you hold the same beliefs today? If you were a rebel as a youngster, are you still? Or have you mellowed [...]

End-of-Life Issues

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Before today's modern medicine, people usually died of three things: injury, infections or some type of nutritional deficiency.1 Painkillers may have come in the form of herbal tea or some other applied root, so pain was a fact of life. Life expectancy was much shorter than today, and people often died suddenly or after a [...]