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Ways to Avoid Financial Scams

According to a recent survey, about two-thirds of adults age 70 and older fall for online scammers. Here are some tips to remember about some of the latest frauds:1Medicare does not employ "sales representatives."Apple and Microsoft do not sell virus protection software for your computer.There is no African prince from Nigeria who needs your help [...]

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Insights Into Cybercrime

Although it's taken a back seat to domestic concerns over the past year, cybercrime is still on the rise. Attacks such as "Wannacry" shut down health care systems and businesses across the globe in 2017,1 and the World Economic Forum estimates cybercrimes cost the global economy about $445 billion a year. 2It is a unifying [...]

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Digital Tools for Tax Season

Tax season is upon us. According to the IRS, about 90 percent of taxpayers now file their taxes electronically. The agency touts the service as more accurate, convenient and secure than paper claims, and people usually receive their tax refunds faster.The IRS offers free tax filing assistance to filers who earn $54,000 a year or [...]

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Get Creative When Pre-Planning Funerals

Think about how much time we put into planning things like college, a wedding, moving to a new home, having a baby and retirement. Now think about how much time we put into planning for our death. For many people, it's no time at all.Perhaps you've got your estate plan documents in order, but how [...]

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