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The Impact of Income Inequality

As it turns out, income inequality can be an issue for all society, not just the poor. A new study of high-earning clients of a bank's wealth management unit tracked the fortunes of male and female young adults to learn how income inequity would impact their lives. The assumptions had both genders starting out in the [...]

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Anticipated Changes in Workplace Demographics

Online shopping has become the norm in the Western part of the world. Experts say mature economies adopted e-commerce quickly because of its strong infrastructure and a trusting financial landscape.1 In other words, consumers could count on receiving goods ordered, vendors knew they would get paid and any conflicts were protected by a reputable credit and [...]

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Retirement Conversations: What Do You Do?

We spend a lifetime working, building a career, raising a family, etc. Then we retire, and some unsuspecting acquaintance asks, "What do you do?" It's a whole new ballgame now. This can be a difficult question for new retirees. Our gut instinct is to identify ourselves by our occupations -- "I'm a lawyer," I'm an office [...]

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Innovating to Solve Problems

The 2017 hurricane season was one of the most active of the new century, and scientists are predicting hurricanes will likely get more intense in the decades to come.1 But these predictions for worsening conditions in the future may pave the way for stronger innovation.  For example, the governor of Puerto Rico, which was devastated [...]

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Best Places to Live in Retirement

Many retirees believe the best place to live in retirement is right in their own home. Let's explore some of the "best places" where that home might be located and what it might look like. It's worth noting that the retirement experience varies widely. Some people have the money to relocate or buy a second home. [...]

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