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Considerations for Retiring Couples

Retirement is another chapter in your life; one that requires not only planning but day-to-day maintenance once you get there. And if you have a partner in life, it's important to remember that your retirement, like a tandem bike, is built for two. Planning for your own retirement is complicated enough, but doing so at the [...]

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The Influence of Work

Work offers a confluence of possibilities, ranging from satisfaction to frustration to, many days, a little of both. If you work during retirement, here's an interesting revelation: Social Security taxes are deducted from your work paycheck even if you're already drawing benefits. For a lot of retirees, wages from some type of job represent a [...]

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Retirement: Loneliness Can Sneak Up on You

Even people who have spent a lot of time planning for retirement may encounter unexpected challenges once they're in those golden years. They focus on retirement income planning, which is, of course, important and appropriate -- and we can help you there. They also focus on things they want to do while they're still in [...]

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Checking Up on Health Care Expenses

If there's one thing every adult demographic in America values, it's maintaining good health. People with medical conditions may be interested in topics like new medical technology, pharmacology or national changes to health care insurance. Meanwhile, those without serious medical issues want to know how they can stay that way, through nutrition, exercise, weight loss and [...]

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