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Simplify Your Life

Life has its highs and lows. Sometimes when we go for a long stretch -- everybody in the family is healthy, finances are on track, you're enjoying yourself -- we get that nagging feeling that our good fortune just can't last. Often, that's true. There's inevitably a repair needed on your car, an appliance breaks [...]

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Will Bank Changes Lead to Withdrawal From Human Interaction?

The investment banking struggles that contributed to the 2008 recession prompted stronger regulations for the finance industry. Unfortunately, some of the rules created to keep the larger banks in check also impacted smaller community banks, which have suffered as a result.1However, the Trump administration's goal to cut regulations by 70 percent to 80 percent in [...]

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How Government Regulations May Impact the “Average Joe”

We tend to take government regulations for granted. They can be annoying, like having to sign the HIPAA privacy notice before a doctor's visit, or time consuming, like the yearly requirement of filing a tax return.But as the new presidential administration begins rolling back financial regulations, some people may wonder how they might be affected. [...]

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Will We Ever Close the Gender Gap?

Every year, the World Economic Forum updates its Global Gender Gap Report, which measures gender disparity across 144 countries and tracks this progress over time. The report pays special attention to the gaps between women and men with regard to health, education, economy and politics.1Although the corporate "glass ceiling" has been broken by a growing [...]

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Work Less, Spend Less: How Retiring Boomers may Impact the Economy

The economy has grown, in large part, because consumers are spending more money. It remains to be seen whether that trend will continue as more of the massive baby boomer generation approaches retirement.Even before people retire, many tend to slow down their spending habits. Part of this is lifestyle driven; by age 50, most consumers [...]

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