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Minimum Wage Still Raising Concerns

During this politically charged election year, one of the driving issues involves wages: Gender inequality, overall income inequality and the controversial movement to increase the national minimum wage. The fast food industry would likely feel the most effects from a minimum wage increase, and recently some of the largest companies have announced varying plans of action [...]

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Who is the Middle Class Now?

The definition of middle class can vary depending on who you ask. A young college graduate with a $22,000 entry-level job may consider herself middle class because her parents were, she graduated from college and she's just starting her white-collar career. A married blue-collar worker with two children making $41,000 a year may consider himself middle class [...]

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There’s no Ceiling on the Number of Housing Possibilities

America has long been dubbed the land of diversity, and our wide range of tastes is certainly reflected in our housing choices. There's something for every preference, whether it be the architectural style (colonial, post-modern, Tudor, Victorian), the siding (wood, brick, stucco, vinyl) or the locale (urban, rural, coastal, plains). However, popular trends do tend to [...]

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